Virat kohli left India? Decided to settle in London!?

Virat kohli and anushka sharma have reportedly decided to leave india permanently and settle in london with their children. virat kohli and anushka welcomed a baby boy last January. They already had a baby girl. Recently, anushka sharma has been living in london with her two children, Vamika and Akaay. His second child was also born there. They have been there ever since. anushka sharma recently visited the west indies to witness the t20 World Cup. The t20 World Cup-winning indian team arrived in delhi and met prime minister Narendra Modi. Later they attended a program organized by bcci in Mumbai. virat kohli left for london that night.
In this case, it is now reported that both of them are going to settle permanently in London. "Both virat kohli and anushka sharma to permanently settle in london with their children" is going viral on social media. virat kohli had announced his retirement from t20 cricket after winning the t20 World Cup. And virat kohli already knew that you won't see me for a while after retiring from indian cricket. But Virat and anushka have not made any official announcement about their move to London.
Many people are voicing their opinions on virat kohli and anushka sharma settling down in London. "They can't live a normal life in India. But london is not like that, it's a peaceful city. Good education and medical facilities are available. A few years ago there was a video of Virat and anushka traveling on the road in Mumbai. Even in that they had to be scared. So in a city like london, Their privacy will be safe. virat kohli is going to announce his retirement in 2 to 3 years. So it is almost certain that they will settle down in London.

Another fan said, "They have recently started following london Play school on Instagram. Although not all at once, there is a high possibility of moving to london for some time. Even if Virat retires from international cricket, there is no chance of moving there as he will be playing in the IPL." Another fan said, "They know how and where to raise their child. Who are we to interfere? They have protected their children's privacy since the beginning. Is there a chance for their child to play in a public place in India? So it is fair for them to go abroad."

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