Ajith-Shalini couple celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary at a 5-star hotel!

Photos of actor ajith and his wife shalini celebrating their wedding day at a five-star hotel are going viral. Actor ajith and actress shalini acted together for the first time in Amarkalam. The film was the biggest turning point in the lives of both of them. Because ajith and shalini fell in love while acting in the film. ajith and shalini got married on april 24, 2000, and their love became successful as the film became successful. After her marriage, shalini acted in only a few films, after which she retired from cinema altogether. The couple has a daughter named Anoshka and a son named Advik. Even after 24 years of marriage, the Ajith-Shalini couple still lives with undiminished love. They are setting a precedent for many lovers. At this stage, the Ajith-Salini couple has been married for 24 years today. They are celebrating their wedding day as a couple. Ajith-Shalini couple celebrated their wedding day at Leela Palace, a five-star hotel in Chennai, where they enjoyed taking pictures with their fans. A photo of ajith in a coat suit and shalini Sudidar posing as a couple is going viral on the internet.Ajith-Shalini couple is also showered with wedding anniversary wishes on social media. Similarly, celebrities from the film industry are showering congratulations on the Ajith-Shalini couple. As actor Ajith's birthday is coming up on May 1, fans are getting ready to celebrate it in style. Fans are very happy as the movie Mangatha is also re-released on that day

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