Focus will be on Sharad Shukla in Mirzapur…

Two seasons of the crime thriller web series Mirzapur have been successfully released, which have been well liked by the fans. The last season of Mirzapur i.e. Season 2 ended on the suspense of the death of munna and Kaleen Bhaiya. Now the third season of Mirzapur is also going to be very strong. A new update has come out regarding Mirzapur Season 3. Prime Video itself has released an update on the web series and the question is who will get the throne of Mirzapur. Let's know.

Amazon Prime Video gave an update on Mirzapur 3

Amazon Prime Video has given an update, 'In Season 1, Kaleen Bhaiya is the king of Mirzapur, while in the second season Guddu wants to sit on the throne of Mirzapur. Now the question regarding the third season is who is going to be the king of the throne in Season 3. In the second season of Mirzapur, it was shown that Sharad Shukla is also very hungry for the throne, but Shatrughan Tyagi is not that much.

With season 3, the story and the stakes have gone up a notch. Everyone is eager to know what is going to happen next. And the biggest question is whether the throne of Mirzapur will be won or snatched in this battle for power. Whatever happens, this gangster drama is going to be full of fun.

Mirzapur makers run A, B, C series

The makers are creating a buzz about Mirzapur season 3. The makers are running the series of A, B, C, D and are giving some new update every day. Yesterday i.e. Monday's word was T, on which there was an update that the teaser of Mirzapur is going to be released soon. people are asking on social media when season 3 is releasing. At the same time, some users say that after the series of A, B, C is over, the makers will announce its release date.

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