In the 2019 elections itself, ycp leader jagan searched for intercaste marriages in many constituencies and gave them mp and mla tickets. Chandrababu is also going on the same route in the latest elections. madhavi of piduguralla in guntur West Constituency and Sabitamma in penugonda were given seats in bc quota by Chandrababu. In fact, the husbands of these two women belonged to the kamma caste. When it comes to that, jagan has given seats to Jonnalagadda Padmavathi from the sc community, Pilli deepika from the bc community and Ushasree Charan in the joint Anantapur district. It is remarkable that the husbands of these three women leaders also belong to the reddy community.

Now it seems that ap bjp President Purandareshwari has also given tickets to Intercaste leaders on the route of Chandrababu and Jagan. He is contesting as mp from Anakapalli on behalf of BJP. Former rajya sabha member cm Ramesh. He belongs to velama social class. It is remarkable that his wife of cm Ramesh belongs to kamma social class. Even though former mp kothapalli Geetha, who is contesting as bjp mp from araku, her husband also belongs to kamma community. kothapalli Geetha contested against Purandareshwari who contested from Visakhapatnam in the last elections with her own party and lost.

Earlier in 2014 elections, she contested as mp from araku on behalf of ycp and won. satya prakash Yadav is contesting from dharmavaram in the joint Anantapur district on behalf of the BJP. His hometown is Proddutur in kadapa district. satya prakash, who belongs to the strong Yadav community in bc, got the dharmavaram seat as part of the alliance. But satya Prakash's wife also belongs to the kamma community. It has become common for major parties to give seats to people who have intercaste marriages in ap since the 2019 elections. Now bjp also joins this list.

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