According to the trends in the recent MLC elections, the opposition telugu desam party in andhra pradesh, which has been fighting for its very existence in the state, has now found some respite. In addition to holding a commanding lead in the graduates' constituency in north-coastal Andhra, the tdp is also in the lead in the graduates' constituency of rayalaseema (East). The tdp performed well in the rayalaseema (West) constituency as well.

The candidates supported by the YSRC, however, have won both of the MLC seats in the teachers' district, rayalaseema (East) and rayalaseema (West). With only about 2,000 and 169 votes, however, its candidates Parvathareddy chandrasekhar reddy and M v Ramachandra reddy respectively won the two seats. When the last reports came in, tdp candidate Vepada chiranjeevi was ahead of YSRC candidate and chairman of the ap Brahmin Welfare Corporation Seethamraju sudhakar by more than 20,000 votes in the north-coastal Andhra graduates' constituency.

It's expected that the tdp candidate will take the seat. The two contenders are considerably ahead of the incumbent MLC and bjp leader P v N Madhav, who ran again for the seat. It appears that graduates who support the Jana Sena party did not choose the bjp candidate. The tdp candidate Kancharla srikanth was ahead of the YSRCP candidate shyam Prasad reddy by around 10,000 votes in the rayalaseema (East) graduates' constituency. However in rayalaseema (West), tdp candidate Bhumireddy Ramgopal reddy lost to YSRC candidate Vennapusa ravindra reddy by just 1,900 votes.

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