Singer Suchitra chastised dhanush and aishwarya Rajinikanth for their actions. Suchitra, who gained notoriety before for her video leaks known as the "Suchi Leaks," angrily criticized dhanush and aishwarya for their purported infidelity in a recent video interview. She accused them both of being habitual adulterers and having several relationships.
Trisha's name has unexpectedly surfaced on social media, even though her remarks on dhanush and Aishwarya's divorce have been extensively covered by all media sites. Suchitra asserted in the same interview that trisha was the center of attention during the Suchi Leaks issue. She also spoke a few harsh things about Trisha.  

Numerous figures in the tamil film business, most notably Mansoor ali Khan, have brought up trisha in several recent controversies. She is now a frequent topic of discussion in many disputes. singer Suchitra even called trisha 'B*tch' in that interview and she also revealed she was in the same room when she was exposing everyone under the hashtag #Suchileaks. 
Actress trisha is now buried in a demanding schedule, having starring roles in five highly anticipated films. ajith in "Vida muyarchi," mohanlal in "Ram," kamal haasan in "Thuglife," chiranjeevi in "Vishwambara," and tovino thomas in "Identity" are a few of these.

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