The trailer for anand Devarakonda's next movie "Gam Gam Ganesha" was released recently. With the young hero riding high after the tremendous success of the "Baby" movie, his criminal comedy will undoubtedly receive a lot of attention as well. However, for the movie to succeed, something more is required.

As it turns out, "Baby"'s controversial content wasn't widely known until after the movie had already hit theatres. Baby's subject matter is so well-liked by the general public that they could like to see anand devarakonda take on a more significant and fantastic project. However, in the case of Gam Gam Ganesha, they have produced a teaser without the help of any music, and it sounds like a typical criminal comedy that has been produced several times.

In addition to the writing, anand ought to have picked a part that would have been more difficult for him to play. After viewing that footbridge moment in the movie, the audience would want to see him play more tough and performance-focused roles. We must wait and see how well it does at the box office, but at one point it appeared as though the young hero was using Gam Gam Ganesh to play it safe.

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