Senior actress Amani's niece Hritika is currently acting in the film ``Sound Party'' as the heroine. But comparing her role with ms dhoni is crazy. Young beauty Hritika srinivas says that in cricket, especially in the World Cup, how ms dhoni does magic and surprises at the end with sixes, she also does the same in the movie ``Sound Party''. She is the niece of senior actress Amani. She is acting in the film ``Sound Party'' with bigg boss 5 winner VJ Sunny. This movie is going to release on 24th of this month. Directed by Sanjay Shourie, this film is presented by Jaya Shankar. Produced by Ravipolishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, shyam Gajendra. heroine Hritika srinivas has been making crazy comparisons with the media as the release of the film approaches.

Comparing her with ms dhoni, dhoni hits sixes at the end of the match and wins the matches, she also said that she will surprise and give a twist in the film. Hritika said that since she is Amani's niece, she took inspiration from her and got into films. ``I have loved movies since childhood. She said that she learned classical dances like Bharatanatyam as well as western dance. But when you want to be a heroine, if you tell your aunt, why is she a risk? If you are interested, then it is ok, but there are many struggles in the industry, you have to face many challenges, you have to take risks, if you say am I ready for that, I said ok. That's how I became an actress,' said Hritika.

First she did films in tamil and Kannada. She also said that she has done two films as a child artiste. She said that she has done a movie in telugu as well and this is her second movie in Telugu. But aunty said that there is support in terms of opportunities. She is always supportive. But she said that it is her decision which movie to do in the given opportunities and she will finalize the movie with her family. It revealed that if we want to excel here, our talent and success will work, adults can only support us, and ultimately we have to prove ourselves.

Talking about the movie ``Sound Party'', they want to earn money in easy way saying that this is the story of father and son. What did you do for that and what difficulties did you face? The movie is about how much you have endured. The whole process is very funny. The whole movie goes like a funrider. In this his role takes priority. Most of the film revolves around my character. At the end my character twist will be highlighted. Sunny is a pleasure to work with. His presence on the shoot is always lively and funny. Hritika said that the shooting will also be done while playing and singing. She thanked the director and producers for giving her this opportunity. It has been revealed that the producers have taken a close look.

She said that she is currently doing two or three more films in Telugu. She said that her favorite heroine is Sai Pallavi, the roles she chooses and acting are very good and different. She also said that her favorite hero is Nani. It is said that his performance is well liked.

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