Simbu spent so many crores in 2 months of falling in love with Hansika! But? Celebrity who broke the secret!

Although everyone knows that simbu is in love with actress Hansika, journalist Anthanan has revealed how much simbu spent on Hansika in 2 months. simbu is the eldest son of T. Rajendar, who is known as a multi-talented director, producer, actor, and music composer in tamil cinema. simbu, who has acted as a child star in many films directed by his father, made his entry as a hero in the film 'Kathal Vishnuthillai' when he reached puberty. He has a huge fan base for his dance and fingerwork. simbu has recently cut back on heavy dancing due to a knee problem. As popular as he is, he is also a controversial actor. After falling in love with Superstar Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya and breaking up with her, it was said that their romance ended due to some problems including horoscopes, which led to romance between the two while acting in Vallavan with Nayanthara. Following this, he began to fall in love with actress Hansika while acting in Valu. This romance also ended in two months. Both simbu and Hansika did not say the reason. But when Hansika talks about her love with simbu in her wedding video, it is noteworthy that it took her more than 10 years to forget her first love. Although the Simbu-Hanshika love affair is over now, simbu has created a stir by saying that he has spent about 6 crores on hasika in two months. At the same time, simbu has said that he has not spoken wrongly about this or Hansika. Following this, Simbu's fans are saying that his good character is evident from this. simbu who does not get married till the age of 40... Will he join the married life at least this year? Let's wait and see.

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