Anikha Surendran, a well-known child performer in the south, is about to make her malayalam main acting debut in Oh My Darling. The alfred D. Samuel-directed movie is getting ready to enter theatres later this month.

On Saturday, the trailer was published, and it appears to be a fun rom-com. Couples Anikha and Melvin G Babu of Jo and Jo fame are shown in the teaser. Melvin introduces himself to Anikha's father at the beginning of the trailer before telling him they are in love. A young woman named Anikha is presented as loving everything Korean. The video then takes us on a pleasant journey that demonstrates their connection and the difficulties it faces.

Oh My Darling, a movie written by Jineesh K Joy and starring Mukesh, Lena, Johny Antony, Manju Pillai, Vijayaraghavan, Nandu, archana Menon, Fukru, Dain Davis, Rithu, Manoj Sreekanta, and Shaju Sreedhar, is also produced by Jineesh K Joy. The film's cinematographer is Ansar Shah, while Lijo Paul is in charge of the editing. The songs and background music are written by shaan Rahman. Manoj Sreekanta is the director of Oh My Darling, which is produced by Ash Tree Ventures.

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