Dev anand Juhu House: A 22-story tower will not be built on Dev Anand's Juhu house, the late actor's nephew made a shocking revelation.

Dev Anand: Recently a report came that late actor Dev Anand's house in Juhu has been sold. However, now Dev Anand's nephew has rejected this news and called it a rumor.

Dev anand Juhu House

Dev anand was one of the most talented actors in the 70s and 80s. The late actor contributed to the most amazing filmography in indian cinema. His films are watched again and again even today. Recently, the actor once again came into the limelight when the news of his bungalow in Juhu being sold at a huge price came to light. The nephew of the late actor has now reacted to this.

Dev Anand's Juhu bungalow has not been sold

In an interview, Dev Anand's nephew and filmmaker Ketan anand refuted all claims that the late superstar's Juhu bungalow had been sold by his family for Rs 400 crore. Film The maker also spoke to late Dev Anand's daughter Devina about the news and revealed that it was nothing but a rumor. He said, “No, this is false news. I have checked it with Devina and their family.

There was news of Dev Anand's Juhu bungalow being sold for Rs 400 crore

 According to the previous report, Dev Anand's family has sold his iconic Juhu bungalow. The late actor had spent 40 years of his life in this house with his wife and children. It was claimed in the report that Dev Anand's bungalow has been sold for Rs 350 to 400 crores. It was also further said in the report that a 22-story tower will be built.

Dev Anand's family is not able to take care of his bungalow.

In the same report, a possible reason behind the sale of Dev Anand's bungalow was also cited. It was mentioned that the late actor's wife and children are unable to maintain his bungalow, and hence they have decided to sell it. It was also claimed in the report that the amount received after selling the property will be divided equally between the actor's wife Kalpana and his children sunil and Davina. However, Dev Anand's nephew has now dismissed all these rumors.

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