It is well-known that an audio clip from a song in ram Charan's forthcoming movie Game Changer was posted online yesterday. The song went popular on all social media platforms as soon as it was leaked, sparking a lot of debate among online users. Close sources to the team of creators stated that the song is only a basic version and not the finished product, despite the fact that the song's authenticity has not been formally confirmed by the team.
Everyone, even those in the industry, was taken aback by the sudden disclosure because filmmaker shankar generally takes the utmost care with his productions. The producer dil raju has been under intense pressure from Mega fans to punish the offenders. As a result, dil raju reported the music leak to the hyderabad Cyber Crime police station and filed a criminal complaint. He asked the police to get involved so they could take tough measures against the perpetrators and asked them to stop sharing the music on social media.

On social media, a copy of the FIR filed against the complaint submitted by dil raju is now trending. He asked that the leak's origin be determined and that those responsible for the crime be brought to justice. Additionally, he urged authorities to take legal action against anyone caught spreading the song's illegal version on social media. The music has already been distributed by internet users across various platforms. The music is composed by SS Thaman, and the principal actors appear to be singing a folk song with genuine telugu lyrics.

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