Actress Sita was the one who came with the soda putty glasses in the movie 'Koli Soda' and made everyone look back. His latest photos are currently going viral on social media.

Being good-looking doesn't only give you opportunities in cinema, you also need to have a little bit of luck. Especially in recent times, you can't even guess who will act in the cinema when. With their cell phones in their hands, they start looking for opportunities by talking about whatever comes to their mouths on the YouTube channel and starting to act in films.


But for a few, luck will find them, and while on the road, 'Koli Soda' actress Sita is the one who got the chance to film.

Director Vijay Milton auditioned many people for the role of Seetha, but none of them were satisfactory. When she accidentally saw Sita on the road, it seemed that this girl was set for the character. So through one of Sita's friends, he approached her and got her consent to act. This film also gave him a good mark.

Following this film, Vijay Milton actor vikram acted only in a few films like 'Pathu Enidukkulla' directed by Samantha, prabhu deva - Nikki Kalrani starrer charlie Chaplin. While she acted as a heroine in a film, that film did not release.

Sita, who is constantly looking for opportunities to act in cinema, has been posting various reels and photos on her social media page. Especially in the movie 'Goli Soda', she looks like Sodaputty, and everyone is expecting this to be Seetha. Because the person is like a bewitching angel of beauty. These photos are now going viral.

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