DMK mp and lawyer NR Ilango has accused the Enforcement Directorate of conducting raids to tarnish the DMK government.

The madras high court has ordered an interim stay on the summons sent by the Enforcement Department to the district Collectors to appear for the investigation related to the sale of illegal sand. At the same time, it has been informed that there is no obstacle to the investigation.

N.R. Elango, who met the media in Delhi, said, "If the enforcement department wants to investigate on the basis of the Illegal Money Transfer Act, a case based on it should be registered and investigated by the appropriate police." Enforcement Department 4 has said that they are going to investigate this case keeping the first information report. All the 4 cases are not related to government sanctioned sand quarries. The enforcement department has filed a case against the quarries run by private sand robbers and is investigating on the grounds that they want to bring disrepute to the tamil Nadu government.

In its response, the enforcement department has given false information in the high court that we have collected how much sand robbery has taken place. But the high court said that the enforcement department has no power to investigate whether or not sand robbery has taken place. Even if the enforcement department got the information about the robbery in the sand issue, under the Illegal Money Transfer Act 66, they should have informed the government and the investigation agencies of the government to investigate, the enforcement department should not conduct the investigation.

Similarly, only if a first information report is given by the state investigation agencies that a crime has been committed in any matter including sand, the enforcement department can investigate whether money has been transferred illegally in that matter. We argued that the enforcement department should not conduct an illegal investigation into whether or not sand robbery has taken place, which they do not have the authority to do. It is banned. By law, the enforcement department cannot conduct this investigation. Perhaps if the enforcement department has come to know that there has been any malpractice in the sand issue, if the information is disclosed to the investigation agencies of the tamil Nadu government, only those investigation agencies can investigate. If the investigating agencies conduct an investigation and give a first information report that there has been a wrongdoing, then the enforcement department can only investigate whether the illegal transfer has taken place on that basis.

There is no power to issue summons under section 50, 2 when summoning public officers. It was an improper investigation. If the enforcement department has to investigate the officials of the state government on the basis of the illegal money transfer act, they have to issue summons and investigate only under section 54. The court also accepted the argument that taking the powers of the state government into its hands is against state autonomy where the Union government should conduct investigation only there.

It has been revealed through their reply that the enforcement department, which acts as BJP's handler, has filed this case only to tarnish the tamil Nadu government. bjp contested the 2016 elections alone. During the election campaign, amit shah mentioned that during the AIADMK rule, more than 20 thousand crores were involved in sand robbery. But the question arises as to why bjp members did not take action against AIADMK. There have been cases of sand robbery in all states of India. We have also submitted a list of how many sand robbery cases there are in BJP-ruled states. The enforcement department did not conduct any investigations there.

They have mentioned in the reply that 4730 crore rupees should not have come to the government in order to bring disrepute to the DMK government in the run-up to the 2024 elections. In 2011-12, 31 lakh loads of sand has been sold by the government. Only 1.5 lakh loads could be sold in 2020-21. As e-sand sand was sold instead of river sand, people's interest in buying river sand decreased. In 2021-22 it has sold only 80 thousand loads. In the reply they have filed a false account that 27.75 lakh loads should have been sold without even this basic study and knowledge. In the notice seeking explanation, it has been mentioned that the tamil Nadu government has taken special measures to prevent sand robbery. It can be clearly understood that political vandalism is the only reason for this.

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