Chief minister Stalin has hinted that tamil Nadu should be AIDS-free by 2030. hiv World aids Day is observed on 1st december every year to raise awareness. In this situation, chief minister Stalin said that we will make a commitment to create a state of HIV/AIDS infection free in tamil Nadu and achieve the goal of ending this infection by 2030. On the occasion of World aids Day, chief minister Stalin said in a press release: “World aids Day is observed on the first monday of december every year to create awareness about HIV/AIDS among people. The theme of World aids Day this year (2023) is “Let Communities Lead” - “Let's work with communities to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS”.

All pregnant women are given special medical treatments and tested for new hiv infections to prevent transmission of the disease from HIV-infected parents to their unborn children. 13.78 lakh pregnant women have been provided screening services. With this, the incidence of HIV-AIDS infection among pregnant women has been reduced from 0.83 percent in 2003 to 0.17 percent. Many programs like STD treatment centers, faith centers and joint drug treatment centers are being implemented in tamil Nadu in district-wise government hospitals. In the interest of these affected children, the “Tamil Nadu government hiv Children's Trust” was started in 2009-10 - with funding of Rs 25 crore from the government of tamil Nadu so far - providing financial support for education, medical care and nutrition of the affected children.

Thus, due to the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs with the involvement of the state government and non-governmental organizations, the level of hiv infection in tamil Nadu has been reduced to 0.17 percent. This is lower than the national average of 0.22 percent. To create awareness among school and college students about HIV/AIDS and STD treatments, on the occasion of World youth Day, state and district level mini marathons titled 'Red Run' were held in 550 colleges.

Following this, awareness programs are conducted through social and virtual media, internet, mobile, radio, mural, folk arts and direct public relations programs with the grand aim of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Thus, by creating awareness about HIV/AIDS among the people, we commit ourselves to create a situation where tamil Nadu is free of HIV/AIDS infection and we will take it as an ideal today to achieve the goal of ending this infection by 2030. Let's ensure equal opportunities for people living with HIV/AIDS, keeping in mind that they are one of us. And I request you all to embrace and support them with humanity.”

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