Ex Cricketer complains about Dhoni..!? His cricket career is over..!?

Manoj Tiwary is an indian team player from all types of cricket. He has retired. He is 38. Although manoj tiwari is a cricketer, he is also a minister in the state government of West Bengal. manoj tiwari announced his retirement after playing his last Ranji match. Manoj Tiwary has scored 287 runs in 12 ODIs for the indian team. Manoj Tiwary scored a century in 2011 against west indies in Chennai. Also, Manoj Tiwary has played for india in all three T20Is under Dhoni's leadership. Speaking to reporters about his retirement at this stage, manoj tiwari said, "he wants to ask him why dhoni dropped him from the team even after scoring a century in 2011. He would have become a star player like rohit sharma and Virat Kohli. He had that much talent. But that didn't happen. A lot of youngsters are now getting their chance and shining. It saddens him to see it. Many young players have come to the mindset that playing IPL is enough. This is why they don't play domestic cricket matches. Now if he makes any comment about bcci he will get banned. His statement that Ranji cricket should be abolished has put pressure on the bcci secretary. This is why he has said that the players must play in the Ranji tournament. Whoever excels in the IPL does not give importance to the Ranji tournament. bcci should realize this. He has talked about this before. But bcci is not managed by sports experts like before. At present, the bcci is dominated by politicians. He belongs to a political party but he is a sportsman. He doesn't want to get into any conflict. He wants young players to give importance to the Ranji tournament. This is his opinion. manoj tiwari said that the wages of players who play only Ranji cricket should be increased.

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