The protagonist of DARLINGS is a lady who is imprisoned in a violent union. Shamshunissa Ansari, or Shamshu, is the mother of Badrunissa aka Badru (Alia Bhatt) (Shefali Shah). Her father died a long time ago. Hamza Sheikh (Vijay Varma) and Badru are in a relationship. Hamza makes a marriage proposal after being hired by the railroads. Both get married and move into a flat in Mumbai's Barha Chawl. Shamshu also has a place to call home in the same chawl, and that too on the same floor.

After three years, it is revealed that Hamza is an alcoholic and a wife beater. At night, he would attack Badru about unimportant issues. He would apologise or show regret for the violence in the morning. Then Badru would pardon him. Shamshu despises witnessing Hamza abuse her daughter. She advises her to get rid of him—and, if possible, to murder him! But Badru thinks he'll change eventually, and she thinks it might happen once they have a child. He refuses to stop drinking despite her advice to do so.

He learns he has liver cirrhosis one day. He is told by the doctor that drinking could cause his death. Hamza conceals this information from her and presents as having permanently given up drinking on his own. Badru is ecstatic as their lives improve. She conceives a child. Everything is going smoothly until Hamza becomes aggressive again, but this time he is sober, and he assaults Badru so forcefully that she miscarries. She is brought to a hospital. She makes the decision to exact retribution in order to end her suffering. She complains about not being able to sleep and seeks the doctor for sleeping medications. Without Hamza's knowledge, she makes up the situation and gives him the drugs. She ties him when he falls asleep. Despite the fact that she is unable to comprehend what her daughter has in mind for Hamza, Shamshu ends up becoming her accomplice. The remainder of the movie is based on what occurs next.

It is hard to believe that this is Jasmeet K Reen's first feature picture because of how skillfully she has handled the material. They will find it therapeutic to see Badru and Shamshu teach Hamza a lesson, therefore the theme selection was wise because many people can connect to it. Additionally, the movie doesn't get too complicated and has a straightforward narration, so a wide audience can enjoy it. However, some details and nuances add creativity and boost the impact. For instance, it's great to watch the mother and daughter talking to each other through the window. Additionally, Badru's remarkable outfit included a fiery scarlet one-shoulder dress that did not cover up her wounds.

Alia Bhatt has yet another outstanding performance that wins awards. She does a fantastic job at embodying her persona and comes across as a loyal wife with straightforward aspirations for the future. The actress does an excellent job of portraying her metamorphosis into a badass. shefali shah offers helpful assistance and, as would be expected, she amps up the craziness considerably. One of Vijay Varma's best performances is given here. Because of the way he has portrayed him, one cannot help but despise the guy. roshan Mathew makes another excellent performance and is charming.

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