Telangana election Results: congress is in power..!?

In telangana election results, a fierce battle is going on between the ruling BRS and congress parties. According to the details received so far, it seems that the congress may come to power. According to the counting details of votes received so far in telangana election results. congress is leading. The congress party has already taken the lead in the 60 seats required for power. According to the latest update, the congress party is in power in 60 seats while the ruling BRS is limited to a lead of only 35 seats.
On the other hand, the congress leaders also started efforts related to power formation. Who will win this election will be known in another hour and a half. It is known that elections were held for 119 seats in telangana on november 30. To come to power here, you need to win 60 assembly seats. On the other hand, in the hope that the congress will win according to the exit polls, the ranks are ready for massive celebrations. On the other hand, it is known that ktr called the BRS activists to be ready for large-scale celebrations last night.
Looking at the pattern of results so far, it is clear that there is a close fight between congress and the ruling BRS. After a few more rounds of counting, it is not known who will get the clear majority required for power.

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