Some celebrities live lives that are bigger than life itself, and when you don't have to worry about money, the pranks you engage in have no bounds. 

Here are 5 tollywood celebrities that possess a private aircraft and use it to save time while flying. After all, time is money.

Allu Arjun 

The pushpa actor possesses a lavish home that looks like something out of a science fiction film, as well as a bespoke vanity vehicle worth over Rs 7 lakh, so it's only natural that he also owns a private plane to fly with his family or for work.

He was seen utilizing his private plane for race gurram advertising as well as a family wedding in Udaipur.

Ram Charan 

The telugu megastar has his own aviation company, TruJet, and not only does he own a jet or a few, but his airline company also assists in-ground management for other larger planes. 

He primarily utilizes the plane for trips with his wife.


The Akkineni family's celebrity owns their plane, which is frequently used for private family excursions.

Mahesh Babu 

Another celebrity owns a private charter plane and uses it to fly with his family and wife Namrata Shirodkar. 

During their travels, the pair has frequently shared photos from inside their private jet.


This magnanimous personality, like his superstar son ram Charan, is the proud owner of his own private plane, which he utilises for work and family vacations.


The rrr singer is said to be the proud owner of a Rs 80 crore plane, which is currently parked at Hyderabad's shamshabad airport. 

He is well-known for only using the machine when it is absolutely necessary.

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