Rumors about movie stars frequently go beyond what is appropriate. Here's an example of when rumors spread that veteran tollywood actor kota srinivasa rao had passed away. In any case, Kota himself felt the need to address these accusations, so he posted a statement on social media. I woke up with a lovely Ugadi festival feel, Kota says in the video. But I started getting calls in the morning asking about my health.

I then learned that there were media speculations that I had passed away. Yet, as you can see, I am still alive. I'm doing fine. Kota continued, even ten police officers showed up at his residence to give security in the event that he had indeed passed away. He said that this was the extent of the rumours' propagation regarding his health. "I ask the general public to denounce such rumours.

Also, I advise the media professionals who create such rumours to engage in more useful endeavours. It's bad for you to make money off of news like this, Kota decided. It's good to know that the seasoned actor is doing well and that the health rumours are unfounded.

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