On a movie set, you never know who will run into who and how their relationship will develop. queen Bee samantha has recently had some challenges, but she has emerged stronger since she is presently in turkey filming the songs for her movie Kushi, which she is starring in with Vijay devarakonda and the director shiva Nirvana.

Sharing a photo taken in Istanbul of samantha and Vijay devarakonda dining with the filmmaker shiva Nirvana. They can be seen interacting in the picture, and samantha said, "Sees you at your best, sees you at your worst. watches you cross the finish line first or last. observes both your highs and your lows. Some friends kindly observe. It appears that Samantha's new closest buddy in town is Vijay D, and the filmmaker shiva Nirvana, with whom she co-wrote Majili, is also in the same league.

In contrast, samantha appears to have effectively conquered her myositis problem because she is presently filming back-to-back episodes of both a web series and a movie. She proceeded to the kushi songs shoot after completing up Citadel's most recent schedule, and she will shortly join the sets of her first hollywood movie, which will be filmed in london and Chennai.

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