Wedding rumours are widespread in the entertainment world. Speculations abound that two major personalities in the business are planning to marry. Adhik Ravichandran, the director of Mark Antony, is the most recent addition to the list. The director is now riding high on the success of his new film, which stars vishal and SJ Suryah. Several media outlets are reporting that Adhik Ravichandran is poised to marry renowned actor Prabhu's daughter, Aishwarya, in the newest update.

According to sources, the two of them were buddies who quickly fell in love. It is also believed that Adhik and Aishwarya's families have granted their okay, and the couple is slated to marry in December. However, there has been no formal confirmation of this as of yet. Adhik Ravichandran's fourth directorial effort is Mark Antony, a science fiction action comedy film.

Apart from vishal and SJ Suryah, the film stars Ritu Varma, Sunil, YG Mahendran, Selvaraghavan, and others. S vinod kumar undertook the production under the umbrella of mini Studios, while gv prakash Kumar wrote the soundtrack. The cinematographer for the film was Abhinandan Ramanujam, while the editor was Vijay Velukkutty. The film earned overwhelmingly good reviews from both fans and reviewers.

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