Anupam Kher: It seems that I am going to ask for work sitting on a wheelchair, know why anupam kher said such a thing

Veteran actor anupam kher has worked in around 500 films so far in his career. Whenever he comes on screen, he leaves a different impression. During a conversation on the occasion of the press conference of Disney Plus Hotstar's series 'The Freelancer The Conclusion' held in mumbai, actor anupam kher said that acting is not a left-handed game at all. Even today he struggles for good work. And, he also travels to mumbai for weeks to seek work. During this time he eats food with his acquaintances. Food is just an excuse, the real work is to ask for work.

The second season of producer and creator Neeraj Pandey's series 'The Freelancer' is going to stream on Disney Plus Hotstar from december 15. Actor anupam kher will once again be seen in the role of Dr. Arif Ajmal Khan. anupam kher has been active in acting for a long time. During the press conference, when anupam kher was asked that now acting would be a game for his left hand. anupam kher said, 'Acting is not a left-handed game at all. The heart, mind, and entire body are always involved in this.

Actor anupam kher says, 'Working in The Freelancer was like an audition for me. I felt that if my work has been good then I will get a chance to do better work in its second season. My character in 'The Freelancer The Conclusion' is even more effective than in the first season. Being an actor, there is a greed in my mind that I should be seen in every frame. But my mother says that one should never work to full capacity so that the hunger to work in the next film or series remains intact.

Actor anupam kher is at such a stage today that he does not need to go to anyone's office and ask for work. But, anupam kher says, 'I go to meet my favorite directors once a week. Even if I meet them on the pretext of having lunch, my motive behind this is to ask for work. I feel very bad hearing the word legend. When I hear this word, I feel as if I am going to work holding crutches or sitting in a wheelchair.

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