If father jumps 8 feet... child jumps 16 feet! Surya's son Dev got a black belt in karate at the age of 13!

Actor Suriya's son Dev has made his parents proud by getting a black belt in karate at the age of 13. Photos of this are now going viral on social media. Suriya, the son of legendary actor Sivakumar, was initially not interested in acting in films. Especially the director Vasanth sought out and allowed him to act in 'Aasai'. But Garments was concentrating on business and could not accept the film offer at that time. After this again, the director went in search of the script and asked for Suriya's opportunity, and when ajith withdrew from the film, Suriya got the opportunity. But even though this film was a failure for Suriya, he continued to choose and act in love subject films such as Valande Nimmathi, Chandnimomo, Periyanna, Poovellam Keteppar, Baviile Makhla.In 2001 Suriya opposite Vijay's Friends was a super duper hit, but Suriya did not register a single hit as a solo hero. After this film directed by Bala... Nanda starring surya became a huge hit. Suriya also made a breakthrough in film career.

After the success of the film, surya, who came to the fore as an action hero, continued to focus on different story choices like Sri, Maunam Pasithe, and Kakka Kakka, but some films gave up but some films gave him a hand. Also, the love that blossomed between jyothika and surya through the film Kaka Kaka ended in marriage in 2006. During the wedding, Surya's family asked Jyotika to quit the film industry and Jyotika accepted and held Surya's hand. As a symbol of their love, they now have a 15-year-old daughter named diya and a 13-year-old son named Dev. After Suriya's children grew up to go to school, she re-entered the film industry with the full cooperation of her husband. Also, they have recently bought their own house in the Bandra area of mumbai along with their husband and children. Similarly, jyothika started acting in hindi films after tamil films. He regularly conducts photo shoots in different clothes and publishes them. As father and mother focus on both acting and physical training, both diya and Dev focus on studies, sports, etc. Dev has been learning karate from a young age and has earned a black belt in it. Photos of this are now going viral on social media.

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