After the victory in Rajasthan, madhya pradesh and Chhattisgarh, now haryana bjp has also come into active

mode. Apart from Lok Sabha, assembly elections are to be held in haryana in the year 2024. Now haryana BJP

has started making strategy regarding this. After victory in 3 states, haryana bjp has now shown momentum in its

election campaign. At the same time, it is still believed that bjp is seeing the right opportunity to wrest power

from Jannayak Janata party (JJP). Many bjp leaders are not happy with the alliance with JJP. He has openly

talked about ending the alliance with JJP. Now, after BJP’s spectacular victory in three states, discussions are

going on whether bjp is going to end the alliance with JJP.

There is also a possibility that if permission is given from the central leadership, there may be a change in the

cabinet of the Khattar government. There are many reasons for the change in the cabinet. home and Health

Minister Anil Vij has not been looking after the work of the health Department for almost two months. An official

of the Chief Minister's office had taken a meeting of the health Department without informing Anil Vij. Since

then Anil Vij is angry and is not signing any files of the health Department. Apart from this, some independent

MLAs have also been supporting the government for last 4 and a half years, so the government can give them

some reward too. Apart from this, some posts can also be given to those MLAs who have contributed significantly

to the victory of bjp in Rajasthan.

Scissors may be used on departments of JJP MLAs

It is also believed that bjp will not completely distance itself from JJP. But, if bjp now expands the cabinet, then

there is a possibility that the portfolios given to JJP MLAs may be cut. If JJP tolerates this then it will be fine,

otherwise these days there is a possibility of different paths.

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