The politics of delhi remains heated even in the winter season. One after another, troubles are arising for Aam

Aadmi party (AAP) and chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Finding this as an opportunity, opposition parties leave

no stone unturned in attacking AAP and cm Kejriwal. The latest case is related to the controversial statement

given by former delhi government minister Rajendra Pal gautam regarding not believing in Lord ram and not

worshiping in temples. bjp has not only taken the AAP leader to task but has also targeted Kejriwal.

AAP mla from Seemapuri assembly constituency Rajendra Pal gautam, while addressing the people at a

program organized in Laharada village, asked them not to believe in Lord ram and not go to temples for worship.

Politics started in the capital regarding this statement of former AAP minister. On one hand, bjp leader Harish

Khurana said about Gautam’s statement that AAP’s anti-Hindu face has come to the fore, while on the other hand,

Delhi Pradesh bjp President Virendra Sachdeva has also strongly condemned this statement.

India alliance also targeted

Harish Khurana said, Rajendra Pal gautam said in his controversial statement that why Dalit women go to Hindu

temples and worship god, while there they are raped and murdered. Regarding this, he also targeted the AAP

leader and his new alliance India. Khurana said that all their leaders are anti-Hindu and keep making statements

against Sanatani faith, be it DMK leader Stalin, SP’s Swami prasad Maurya or AAP’s Rajendra Pal Gautam. All of

them keep insulting the Gods, Goddesses and temples of Hindus. Holding cm Kejriwal responsible for Gautam’s

statement, he said that on his instigation such derogatory words are used for Hindu deities and temples.

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