Bigg Boss 7 telugu got off to a great start with a debut episode that broke records, and the new season is providing the audience with high-quality entertainment. Popular faces are being kicked from the programme on a weekly basis. But as of right today, the only candidates who have been removed were women. Three contenders have been eliminated as of right now, and all three are women. Actress kiran rathod was removed in the first week; shakeela was eliminated in the second week; and damini was eliminated in the third week.

Damini is very highly liked and was performing well within the house, but for some reason, she lagged behind the other competitors. The famous singer had been getting along with everyone in the last several days, but now that she has been evicted, it is too late. damini Bhatla sang a lot of telugu popular songs, including Paccha Bottesina from Baahubali: The Beginning. According to rumours, the programme will be improved with additional elements and soon welcome fresh competitors as wild card entrants.

Nagarjuna arrived and opened the broadcast with a humorous game called Chitti Prashnalu, like he does every weekend. Nag instructed the contestants to respond to his questions by spinning the wheel. After saving priyanka and Goutham using the tile-breaking technique, the questioning proceeded.

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