As his fans put up posters saying that actor Vijay will hold a conference soon in madurai, the political party created shock in the circles and celebration among his fans.

Tamil Nadu's political history and cinema have inevitable connections. MGR, karunanidhi Jayalalitha, Vijayakanth who shone in cinema came and shone in tamil Nadu politics. The first three became Chief Ministers and ruled tamil Nadu with huge popular influence. Vijayakanth has led the people's protests and has become the leader of the opposition, threatening the ruling parties. Now director Seeman and actor Kamal have come into politics and started attracting people's attention.

Actor Rajinikanth announced the launch of a political party, then backtracked. So, Rajinikanth's political entry is unlikely to happen anymore. The expectation of when actor Vijay will enter politics after Rajinikanth has created beyond his fans and also in the tamil political circle. He, too, proves it by speaking political 'punch' lines in his films and pretending to help the poor. Actor Vijay's political dialogues in Sarkar created controversy.

At present, he has taken up the next political activities through his people's movement, such as helping the students who have passed the class 10th and plus-two exams, and giving alms to the public. The words 'in all blocks' and 'block wise' are mentioned in the notification regarding these schemes.

Actor Vijay, who used to meet fan club administrators and fans only when his films were released, has recently started meeting them more often. His fans contested the last local government elections and even got positions in some local bodies. Actor Vijay invited them to chennai and congratulated them. So, his fans believe that actor Vijay will definitely enter politics.

In this case, his fans are celebrating with posters saying that actor Vijay is going to hold a conference soon in Madurai. In that poster, "Let people's rule flourish, conference in madurai soon. Thalapathyar calls. madurai Mayor Vijay Chief People's Movement has mentioned. His fans have pasted this poster all over Madurai.

The political parties and the public are confused as to whether the posters were simply pasted on the poster stating that the fans will hold a conference or whether they have run this poster with the approval of their top executives. Currently, actor Vijay has signed a contract to act in successive films. In this context, the question has also arisen whether he will hold a conference in madurai before the party starts.

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