How much money does a prisoner make in a day?


Across the nation, inmates labor while incarcerated, earning money from a variety of jobs based on their aptitudes. The accounts are credited with their earnings. Depending on their employment, inmates at several prisons receive varying salaries, some of which are transferred to separate bank accounts. But inmates are also allowed to spend some of their earnings within their prison.

These things are paid for with money

Instead of using cash, coupons are used for financial transactions within jails. Coupons are earned through a variety of job tasks. For inmates, family members can deposit funds that can be exchanged for coupons. When a prisoner earns money via their own labor, they can either send some of it home or the government can keep some of it when they're released. Every jail has a government canteen where inmates may buy necessities like toothpaste, soap, and underwear using the money they make.

This amount is earned each month

Prisoners get compensated based on the amount of labor they do. The rates differ between states and are periodically updated. Jail statistics for 2021 show that the average daily income for inmates with no skills (unskilled), some skill (semi-skilled), and all skill (skilled) is Rs 87.63, Rs 95.03, and Rs 111.17. In Puducherry, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled inmates receive daily earnings of Rs 180, Rs 160, and Rs 150, respectively, according to jail data from 2015. In Karnataka, prisoner pay are the highest. The monthly stipend for convicts in the first year is Rs 14,248.

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