South Actress slams prabhas Lord ram look in Adipurush..?

Adipurush's creators have been involved in disputes for various reasons. During their visit to the tirupati temple, filmmaker Om Raut planted a kiss on Kriti Sanon's cheek, which recently sparked outrage on social media. And now, South indian actress kasthuri Shankar has attacked the lack of a conventional portrayal of Sunny Singh's lakshman and Prabhas' Lord ram in the movie.

Kasthuri, who shared the movie's poster, expressed her discomfort with how the characters from Hindu mythology were portrayed. She believed that Lord ram in the movie looks more like Karna from the Mahabharat than prabhas does.

Is there a custom that depicts Lord Ramji and Laxman with moustaches and facial hair? Why is this strange turn of events? Legendary actors have depicted Sri Rama to excellence, particularly in Prabhas's telugu home. prabhas reminds me more of Karna than Rama. She tweeted, "#Adipurush.

Adipurush is scheduled to debut on june 16. director Om Raut asked the movie's producers to reserve a seat for Lord Hanuman in every theatre during a trailer event for the movie in Tirupati. prabhas will play Lord ram in the movie, while kriti sanon will play Sita, sunny singh will play Lakshman, saif ali khan will play Ravana, and Devdatta Nage will play Lord Hanuman. The movie was simultaneously filmed in telugu and Hindi.

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