LG taunts cm kejriwal before voting in Delhi

Lok Sabha elections 2024: Before voting for the lok sabha elections in delhi, cm kejriwal had appealed to the election commission for smooth voting, to which lg VK Saxena has given a befitting reply.

Voting for seven lok sabha seats of delhi is going to be held on Saturday, May 25. Before the start of voting, delhi Lieutenant governor VK Saxena has given a sharp reply to an ex-post of delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. While sharing the X-post of party minister Atishi, the delhi chief minister had written, "This is shocking. The election commission should conduct smooth voting in Delhi." On this the Lieutenant governor gave a befitting reply to cm Kejriwal. He said, “You have made it a habit, O kejriwal Saheb, to remain in whatever condition you are in, just keep crying!”

What is the whole matter?

Let us tell you that AAP leader Atishi had posted a post on instagram tagging lg VK Saxena and expressed the possibility of harassing the voters in delhi so that the voting could be affected. On this, the chief minister of delhi, while sharing the X-post of AAP leader Atishi, wrote, “This is shocking, the election commission should ensure smooth voting in Delhi.”You have made it a habit, O kejriwal sir,

Stay in the condition you are in, just keep crying!

On this, the Lieutenant governor took a tough stance and replied, “You have made it a habit, O kejriwal sir, to remain in the same condition, just keep crying!” The Lieutenant governor further wrote, “I have taken a strong stand on this inappropriate and false statement made just before the elections by a minister supported by you against a constitutional authority.”

Sixth phase of lok sabha elections

Voting for the sixth phase of lok sabha elections is going to begin on Saturday, May 25. There is going to be a contest between bjp and AAP-Congress alliance in Delhi. bjp is contesting on all seven seats, while AAP is contesting on four and congress on three seats. In the last two elections, bjp had won all the seven seats and it is trying to repeat the same success in future also.

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