Cook with Comali Contestant tearfully spoke..!?

Oteri Siva, who was supposed to participate as a new Comali in the show Cook with Comali this time, was reported to have been evicted because he was drunk and had a scandal at the shooting spot. Next to the show is the reality show 'Cook with Comali' which has attracted millions of fans. Can even a cooking show be this comedic and edgy? The performers are surprising everyone. And we often see that many people who participate in this show say that their children and relatives are fans of the 'Cook with Comali' show. Even during the last season, the show's moderator venkatesh Bhat said that doctors were telling him to watch 'Cook with Comali' to reduce stress. Cook with Comali, which successfully completed three seasons, entered its 4th season two weeks ago. It is said that old clowns Bala, Pugazh, and some others are getting film opportunities one after the other, so they will participate in 'Cook with Comali' when they have time. Also, new clowns who have entered the 'Cook with Comali' show are Otteri Siva, Silumisham Siva, Monisha, singapore Deepan, GP Muthu, and serial actress Raveena Thaka. Old clowns like Sunitha, Kuroshi, Prema, and Manimekalai are also present in the show.However, since Oteri Siva, who participated in Cook with Comali in the first week, did not participate in the second week, there were reports that he had drunkenly committed foul play on the set of Cook with Comali, and because of this, Vijay tv kicked him out of the show. The interview given has disturbed everyone's mind. In this interview, he said that he does not have a habit of drinking. It is not at all true that he came to the set of 'Cook with Comali' drunk. If he is given food to eat, he eats to his stomach and never drinks a day. This is true of his mother. Even now he is in vishal sir's office, come and ask him if he is drunk. He said with tears.And some people who don't like his development are spreading such rumors. He has asked his fans not to believe these reports. He said that he will definitely participate in 'Cook with Comali' again.

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