State bjp leaders have stepped up their attempts to persuade the party leadership to lift raja Singh's suspension as the assembly election draws near. Due to comments he made in august of last year disparaging a particular faith, the mla was suspended by the party's central command.

Party insiders claimed that local bjp officials and supporters were pressuring state authorities to step up their efforts to get the ban lifted since any further delay would harm the BJP's chances in Goshamahal. In reality, Bandi Sanjay, the party's national general secretary, has previously requested in writing twice that raja Singh's ban be lifted. Even during amit Shah's recent visit to the city, he allegedly brought up the issue with him.

Vijayashanthi, a former mp and prominent bjp politician, recently made a post on the social media platform 'X' pleading with the party hierarchy to take raja Singh's suspension off the table. Recently, several State leaders have brought up the subject during their visits to Delhi.

According to sources within the party, the party high leadership was expected to decide to revoke the suspension at the beginning of next month. There were rumours that the party leadership was considering nominating raja Singh for the Zaheerabad lok sabha seat in favour of vikram Goud, the son of the late mukesh Goud, a former minister. However, since raja Singh is keen to keep his seat even by running as an independent candidate, the party leadership is considering lifting raja Singh's suspension.

The High Court's ruling prevents raja Singh, who is presently free on bail, from holding public gatherings or making incendiary remarks. He allegedly violated his limitations by disseminating provocative and claimed communal statements from outside the State.

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