Manchu vishnu entered the industry as the successor of tollywood senior hero Mohan Babu. He is entertaining by making films in his style. However, no film has come from manchu vishnu in recent times. It must be said that there are no notable hits in his career. Although he inherited his father, he could not reach the rank. However, manchu vishnu thought to shake the box office this time.

After a long time, he came forward to do a huge project. That too he wanted to come up with a devotional story. The name of this movie has already been announced. He wants to introduce bhakta kannappa to the present audience once again. The film in which he is playing the lead role is called Kannappa. This Bhaktikarasa film was recently launched at the famous shrine Sri Kalahasti. He wants to present this film to the audience at pan-India levels.

They want to make this film on a big budget instead of plain and simple. It seems that the budget for this movie is around Rs.90 crores. Kriti Sanon's sister Nupur Sanon was chosen as the heroine. It is noteworthy that the director is also chosen by a person from Bollywood. However, it is noteworthy that Nupur suddenly left this movie. manchu vishnu clarified that Nupur had no set movie schedules, hence, she opted out of this movie. 

However, if the same is true, at least Nupur should have put up one post on social media for giving up such a good project. But, nothing happened. She is behaving as if she has nothing to do with it. So what is the reason for her to leave this movie? This bhakta kannappa movie will be directed by Makesh Kumar Singh, who directed the Mahabharata hindi serial. 

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