Tollywood's richest family..! Total Net Worth..!

As far as the indian film industry is concerned, it is not an exaggeration if the richest film industry after bollywood is Tollywood, i.e. the world of telugu cinema. Like the Kapoor and Khan family in the world of bollywood, the Allu konidela family is what everyone instantly remembers when it comes to the telugu film industry. Many tamil fans have little chance to know this family, but all the members of that family are dear to us.
In 1994 Prabhu Deva's movie "Kathalan" directed by famous director Shankar, actress Nagma's grandfather's role is played by one person. His name is Allu Ramalingaiya. Although he has acted in many films in the tamil film industry, he is an actor unknown to the modern generation.

Allu Ramalingaiah is an actor who has been flying the flag in the telugu film industry for many years. He has a total of four children namely Allu Aravind, surekha, Vasantha, and Bharti. surekha is married to popular telugu actor Chiranjeevi. Similarly, allu arjun is the son of Allu Arvind, the eldest son of Allu Ramalingaiah. We know that chiranjeevi and his younger brother pawan kalyan are the biggest actors and politicians in the Allu konidela family. Similarly, Chiranjeevi's son ram charan is currently emerging as a leading young actor in the film industry. Allu Arvind's son allu arjun and Chiranjeevi's other brother nagendra Babu's son varun Tej. Still, many members of this family are traveling in the film industry.What is the property value of this family?

While ram charan and his father Chiranjeevi's net worth is more than Rs 1500 crore, the total family worth is said to be around Rs 6000 crore. Even after crossing the age of 68, chiranjeevi continues to earn between 35 and 50 crores per film.

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