One of the more experienced music composers in the telugu cinema business is Mani Sharma. He produced a great deal of box office hits, most of which starred megastar Chiranjeevi. Acharya, a movie with chiranjeevi as the lead, was the outstanding music director's last movie. mani sharma was accused of not giving the movie his all, and the music director spoke out about it. mani sharma was recently questioned on a talk show about why many viewers thought Acharya's background music was unsatisfactory.

Mani Sharma acknowledged that despite his best efforts, the piece did not make it into the final version. "I have collaborated with chiranjeevi garu on numerous occasions, and I am aware of his style and the expectations of his audience. I did my best and came up with a score, but the film's director later asked me to come up with something else, not what I actually wanted to compose, mani sharma explained.

The movie's director is koratala siva, and even chiranjeevi frequently insinuated that he was to blame for the failure of the production. There are numerous unanswered questions regarding the movie Acharya, and only koratala can provide the solutions.

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