How many Advisers are in the Jagan's Government..!?

- 42 advisers to the ycp government.

- All of them have worked very hard to bring the party to power.

-More than 13 advisers were given cabinet rank. 

The leader of the ruling party ycp in ap, CM Jagan has appointed many advisers since he started his rule. However, many people have tried to know how many of them there are. However, the names of some have been kept confidential by the Chief Minister's Office. Whatever the reasons for this, their matter became a topic of discussion till before the elections. It is noteworthy that in one case this matter came to the attention of the High Court.

The adviser who appears in front of the media is only Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy. But, along with him, the government has appointed advisers to various departments. Together they are 42 people. Mainly all of them are also politically important. It is noteworthy that they are the ones who have supported ycp in the past. All of them have worked very hard to bring the party to power. That's why after the party came to power, it gave priority to them as advisors.

Counselors are appointed everywhere regardless of that department, this department, that department, this department. Only some of them appear on screen. Some remain behind the scenes and disappear. They have a monthly salary of Rs.3 lakh. Apart from this, government vehicles and other allowances are provided. More than 13 advisers were given cabinet rank. However, petitions have been filed in the ap high court challenging the appointment of these advisors.

The government has filed an affidavit in the ap High Court. The government has told the high court that it is formulating a policy for the appointment of advisers and will issue orders after the approval of the Cabinet. But, in the meantime, elections have come. It seems that there is a possibility that their appointment petition will be dismissed.

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