On september 23rd, movies like "Krishna Vrinda Vihari" by naga Shaurya, "Alluri" by sree Vishnu, and "Dongalunnaru Jagratha" by Srisimha will be released in theatres. On september 30th, movies like "Ponniyan Selvan" by Maniratnam and "Nene Vastunna" (29th) by Danush will be. On october 5th, the Godfather of Megastar, Nagarjuna's The Ghost, along with Bellamkonda Ganesh's Swathimuthyam and Manchu Vishnu's Jinna, entered the competition to try their luck. What is this crazy haste, then?

Some claim that conflicts may be avoided, but if that happens, who will talk about it? In the past, dil raju oversaw the "Active Producers Guildactivities "'s and participated in producer talks and debates to prevent major conflicts. And now, rumours are surfacing that Raju is not associated with any of this and wants the producers to decide whether or not to release the films because he wouldn't suffer a loss if each picture reduced the box office receipts of other films.

First of all, according to some insiders, dil raju is disappointed that some of his most recent endeavours, such as "Thank You," failed to meet expectations even though he gave the film's narrative, plot, and marketing careful consideration. The top producer wants to first determine what appeals to and what repels the telugu audience nowadays. Then there are the Guild concerns, where Raju suffered consequences for publicly criticising the august industry stoppage as a whole. Some renowned producers anticipate dil raju to enter the fray and prevent certain box office conflicts. Otherwise, the movies will only succeed on their own merits, but with so many alternatives available to moviegoers, there won't be much income generation.

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