6G world enters india, What is 6G-why is technology special?


5 months after the announcement of 5g in the country, india is fully ready to adopt 6G. prime minister Narendra Modi launched the india 6G vision document on wednesday and has announced the 6G test bed. Emphasis will be given on accelerating technical advancement and research development for 6G through the 6G test bed. This can prove to be revolutionary for wireless communication technology. 

What is a 6G Test Bed? understand in 5 points

1. 6G Testbed is like a platform where experts try new technology.

2. 6G Testbed has been specially designed for new technology and resource development for 6G. This can prove to be revolutionary for the world of the Internet.

3. The testing ground for how to provide faster speed than 5g to the users is the 6G test bed only.

4. With the 6G Testbed, researchers and developers can test and evaluate new technologies in a controlled environment without affecting real-world networks.

5. All necessary tests related to how 6G technology will work, and which people will be affected by it, will be done through a 6G test bed.

Steps are moving from 5g to 6G

The 5g services were formally launched by PM Modi on october 1, 2022, at the 6th edition of the india mobile congress (IMC). The PM had earlier said that india would achieve 100 per cent coverage for 5g services by the end of 2024. Currently, jio 5g services have been launched in more than 400 cities.

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