RCB fans attacked CSK fans for wearing yellow Jersey..!?

CSK fans have been taunted and harassed by RCB fans after their IPL match against chennai Super Kings in Bengaluru. royal challengers Bangalore won the IPL match against chennai Super Kings on May 18 and advanced to the play-offs. In this case, the victorious RCB fans gathered in the streets after the match and celebrated for a long time. But the celebrations of a few are said to have crossed the line. CSK fans are mocked for wearing yellow jerseys. “I feel unsafe wearing the CSK jersey outside and around the Chinnaswamy Stadium. RCB fans abuse and bully every person who walks here.

Feeling unsafe wearing a CSK jersey outside and around Chinnaswamy Stadium. RCB fans (men) here are abusing and bullying every single person walking by. So many men out here are so drunk and abusing on face be it women or men. people are also rash driving, scaring out us.

Many men here get drunk and misbehave in their faces, be it women or men. people are also driving vehicles in a hurry to leave this place," one user said on-site X. Another said CSK fans were asked to remove their jerseys on the road. "Behaved like rioters. local RCB supporters intimidate those who come out of the stadium in yellow. We are two girls and we came home in a cab, but we came with a lot of fear," he said.

“Be safe. The same thing happened to me but I was at the screening near where I live and the so-called fans here started yelling at everyone in the yellow jersey, chanting with bikes and all,” said another. Meanwhile, chennai Super Kings team management thanked their fans and advised them to go home safely. Team Chennai's official X website said, “Thank you to our fans who came to Bangalore today to support us, I hope you have arrived home safely. I am forever grateful for your love and support."

Saravanan hari said that some RCB fans came to the rescue of CSK fans the night after the match. Commenting on this, Saravanan Hari, a fan of the chennai team, said, "Even though some RCB fans saved us and led us to safety, much to the chagrin of the majority, these local fans have crossed the line. However, no cases or complaints have been registered in this regard, and for any emergency the number 112 has been called." The police have also asked to dial," he said.

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