Kundali For Career: If this planet is strong in the horoscope

you get promotion and progress in life, know how to strengthen it.The position of the planets in the horoscope plays an important role in a person's career (Kundali Yog success in Career) and his success and failure. If you are not getting success in your career then the reason behind this is the weakness of the planets.

Every person wishes for good, job, business and wealth growth. For this one works hard day and night, but some people, despite their hard work day and night, are neither able to achieve a high position nor are they able to earn money. The reason behind this is the position of the planets and the defects in the horoscope. If you too are not able to get promotion or increment in life after working hard day and night, then a planet in your horoscope can solve all these problems of yours. For this you need to take some measures.

Career is determined by this house of horoscope

According to astrology, the tenth house of the horoscope determines the career of a person. If the position of the planets in this house is strong, the person gets promotion and a lot of progress. You will get promotion from time to time and your income will also increase. If the tenth house is related to the ascendant in any way, the career of such people remains balanced. At the same time, if the planets in the tenth house are weak or in a low position, one has to face troubles and problems in career. Even after working hard day and night, a person does not get promotion. Individuals fail to reach heights in their careers.

By strengthening this planet, one gets progress in career.

If you are not getting progress in your career even after working hard, then strengthen the sun, the king of the planets. By providing water to the sun regularly along with taking other measures, the sun will become stronger. This will yield good results. If the king is strong then his subjects will also be strong, his ministers will also be strong. By strengthening the sun planet, you can achieve success in your career. In such a situation, people should worship the Sun.

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