Sensible director Shekhar Kammula has finally delivered the movie LoveStory. Though the initial reviews of the movie have been keeping a good mark the Twitterati aren't happy. The reason for this is that like every other film this movie has also been receiving certain lash from the people. Most people compare the movie with the director's previous hit Fidhaa and stated that Fidhaa is better than Lovestory. However, most of the people after watching the movies first half itself hastened to the social media to express their views on Lovestory.

Today, the film 'Love Story,' which was released in wide distribution, has garnered rave reviews all around the world. Viewers in the united states have been expressing their reactions to the film on twitter since it debuted yesterday night. However, Shekhar Kammula's narrative 'Love Story' is grabbing the audience's expectations; the first half is full of fun, and the second half is intriguing. The acting, dancing, as well as melody with the blend of sai pallavi Nagachaitanya, highlights the film. Shekhar Kammula touch appeared in the picture as usual, and it is expected to be a box office hit. Regardless of other reviews, you must see the film to truly witness the work of the film crew.

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