To allow its leaders to return to macherla town in the Palnadu district of andhra pradesh, the telugu desam party (TDP) has requested police protection. In order for the tdp in-charge for macherla, Julakanti Brahmananda reddy, and other functionaries to be able to return to their hometown, the main opposition party has urged the police to provide them with the necessary safety. The area has been tense since since last month's altercation between tdp and the ruling ysr congress party workers (YSRCP).

In relation to the violent episodes, police had filed a case against Brahmananda reddy and 23 other tdp leaders. 22 tdp officials, including Brahmananda reddy, were granted anticipatory relief by the andhra pradesh High court on january 3. Fears of further fights between the workers of the opposing parties have caused tension to rule the town. The town's prohibitions against gatherings and protests were still in effect. To offer Brahmananda reddy and others with safety, tdp district president G.V. Anjayeulu wrote to the district superintendent of police.

On december 17, the town saw altercations between members of the two parties. When the two parties fought one another with stones and sticks, several people were hurt. A tdp leader's home and a few cars were set on fire. The violence was attributed to one another by the leaders of the two parties.

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