The biggest argument between telugu and tamil cinema fans in recent years has been over the film "Ponniyan Selvan 1." telugu supporters baited tamil fans on twitter and other social media when PS1 was released as they began to claim that this Maniratnam film is greater than Baahubali.

Even tamil fans mocked the telugu audience and telugu films after Tollywood's reviewers gave PS1 average reviews, and it appears that they are getting more retribution now. Following the release of the "Aadipurush" teaser, numerous well-known tamil critics have been seen asking questions such, "What is this VFX?," while telugu critics have lauded the clip as "goosebumps-inducing material." Following that, memes and posts ridiculing Aadipurush and the telugu supporters appeared, as tamil fans began to write things like "PS1 and Aadipurush are awesome!"

Some tamil moviegoers have been heard saying that telugu film is getting their comeuppance because they rejected a masterpiece like Ponniyan Selvan 1. And the comments keep coming, despite the fact that telugu fans are quick to respond that Aadipurush is actually more of a bollywood movie with a telugu actor than a telugu film. Some people also query if tamil speakers have produced films like Rajni's Kochhadaiyaan and Vijay's Puli. At the same time, the fundamental reason behind this conflict is that PS1 is greater than Baahubali, which is absurd given that foreigners are watching Rajamouli's films back-to-back at screenings in Los Angeles but not PS1.

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