"We don't mind if the power goes out in our house as long as it goes out in my neighbours' houses as well," the bollywood media seems to be thinking right now. A famous bollywood media house began spreading joy among its employees, claiming that while bollywood is going through difficult times, the South indian film business is faring no better.

The article begins with the statement that the South indian film business has seen two films lose even more money than 83. According to the breakdown of investment and collections by region, radhe shyam and acharya suffered significant losses. "Acharya would face losses of roughly 100 crore as the film cost around 250 crore...it may cover Rs 150 crore earnings from all sources with the 70 crore from wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital being the largest earner," it writes, referring to Acharya.

"The multilingual radhe shyam cost a big 275 crore and achieves a recovery of Rs 200 crore (including non theatrical revenue)....there is a huge 75 crore loss for the makers," it says of Radhe Shyam. It is also stated that the tamil cinema business is no better, as every major release in recent years has been a flop. The purpose of the aforementioned essay is to demonstrate that rrr and KGF-2 did not paint a bright picture for the South, as succeeding blockbuster films have flopped at the box office, placing distributors in jeopardy.

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