Following the creation of telangana State, the agriculture industry in siddipet saw a significant transition during the past ten years. Farmers in the district were now experiencing the benefits of the kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS), since the district had benefited the most from it. The State government had constructed Mallanna Sagar, Konda Pochamma Sagar, and Ranganayaka Sagar in the district as a component of the KLIS. Between the districts of siddipet and Rajanna-Siricilla, the Anantha Sagar reservoir was constructed.

Agriculture experts claim that from 6.31 lakh acres in 2014, the area under cultivation climbed to 9.06 lakh acres in 2023–24. The area irrigated increased from 2.37 acres to 7.68 lakh acres, a 323 percent increase in nine years. Since the three reservoirs' canals are continuously being constructed, it is anticipated that the area irrigated would increase over the next few years. From 1.39 lakh acres in 2013–14 to 7.12 lakh acres in 2022–23, or a staggering 509 percent rise, the area under paddy cultivation rose each year. In comparison to 2014, when it was only 2.59 lakh metric tonnes, paddy production has climbed to a record 16.29 lakh metric tonnes.

The government has assigned 109 new AEOs to impart modern farming techniques to the district's farmers. The district has just 18 AEOs up to that point. During this time, horticulture cultivation had also experienced a significant shift. Due to the district's ample water supply, numerous farmers were growing a variety of horticultural crops and profiting greatly from their labours. The farmers in siddipet have so far grown the oil seed crop on more than 5,500 acres since the telangana government approved the practise. Mulberry, a sericulture crop, now covered 1,001 acres, up from just 30 acres in 2014.

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