The Bharatiya Janata Party's choice to run draupadi murmu, a tribal woman and former governor of Jharkhand, has all but dashed the aspirations of the politically engaged and wealthy community in Andhra Pradesh. Rumors about the narendra modi administration having decided on M. venkaiah Naidu's candidacy for the presidency have been circulating in this group since tuesday afternoon.

After venkaiah naidu abruptly left for New delhi in the afternoon after taking part in the international yoga day celebrations in Hyderabad, the rumours picked more steam. Leading bjp figures, including J P Nadda, the party's national president, Union home minister amit shah, and the defence minister Rajnath Singh, visited Venkaiah's home in the evening and met with him for an hour, confirming rumours that the nda may choose him as its presidential candidate.

But at nine o'clock in the evening, the bjp parliamentary board voted to nominate draupadi murmu as the NDA's presidential candidate. venkaiah was reportedly told about this and given good luck wishes by the Shah-led team. The two important telugu daily supported by his caste group appear to have suffered more than venkaiah as a result of the judgement. One of them went so far as to write a unique account of how Modi and his crew had benched venkaiah after using his assistance to move up the ladder. The report emphasised how venkaiah had backed Modi during the riots in gujarat and worked to get him appointed as prime minister.

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