Rashmika Mandanna performed the role of Srivalli, one of the most well-known and attention-grabbing characters from Allu Arjun's hit film "Pushpa." Although her story is not particularly important to the main plot, it was connected well, and she significantly increased the film's glamour factor. And now for the surprise.

In Pushpa: The Rise, the second instalment of the film, the character of Srivalli is believed to have received a tone-down by writer sukumar and director Sukumar. Due to the fact that Allu Arjun's pushpa Raj character in this film must traverse indian jungles and ports in addition to potentially travelling to South east Asian nations to conduct sandalwood smuggling operations.

There are rumours that Srivalli would be used as a pawn by the police task force and the hero's opponents in order to trap pushpa Raj, and that she will be slain in the process. sukumar intends to give Srivalli's character that tragic ending in order to create a high-octane finale, they claim, because he has no plans to expand the pushpa universe further. The filming of "Pushpa 2" will soon start, which is fantastic news for all of allu arjun and rashmika Mandanna's fans. All eyes are now focused on the sequel, Pushpa: The Rule, after the success of "Pushpa: The Rise." But the much-discussed second instalment movie's production delay generated a lot of debate.

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