Which rice is good for health..!? Here is the explanation..!

Rice is rich in various nutrients. There are many types of rice. Each type has distinct qualities. In this way, nutritionist Karima Goyal has explained which rice is good for us.
White rice:

White rice is the widely eaten rice in the world. A nutritionist said, 'Compared to other types of rice, white rice is very high in starch. people who want to eat a low-calorie diet should take it with caution. White rice looks like it has been polished. He also informed that it will be low in fiber.
Brown rice:

Only the outer bran layer is removed. Inner layers such as bran and germ remain intact. According to nutritionist Karima Goyal, brown rice does not taste like polished rice. It is rich in vitamins B6, magnesium, selenium, thiamine, and minerals like niacin. This rice is very good for diabetic patients.
Red rice:

Red rice can be called Himalayan rice or Bhutanese rice. Nutritionist Karima Goyal said this rice can control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels and strengthen bones. He also said that this red rice, which is rich in iron, is very healthy for the body.
Black rice:

Black rice is full of earthy aromas. Nutritionist Karima Goyal said, “Black rice is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is black in color because it is rich in vitamin E and iron. Black rice is the highest source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants available. It is more healthy than all other rices.

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