For the releasing date of his krishna Vrinda Vihari, naga Shaurya had to wait a very long time. Finally, the film is scheduled to premiere this Friday. In an exclusive interview with a major media outlet, the gifted actor discussed a variety of topics from the film as well as from his personal life. The actor talked about his prior failures, much like Lakshya, and said that he accepts the audience's judgement as a result. Even naga Shaurya confesses he makes an effort to avoid making the same errors Lakshya did.

Naga Shaurya smiles as he explains that when playing a brahmin lad, he was careful to avoid using excessive language and that he didn't want to become a meme. Additionally, naga Shaurya claims that he is powerless to act as ntr did in Adhurs. watch the interview to learn more about the Varudu Kavalenu actor's other interesting issues that he discussed.

The actor revealed a few surprising things during a media interview. According to Shaurya, the movie would include a fun element for every character, not just for his role. He noted that he really enjoyed the second half of the film and commented that the filmmaker, Anish Krishna, had terrific comic timing. radhika Sarathkumar plays a crucial part in the movie, according to naga Shaurya, who also said that working with her was a wonderful experience.

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